Belongs to the another difficulties with venous system of the body. Basically the edema occures when the leg veins are not able or can not carry the blood back to the heart as fast as they should. Afterwards the blood cumulates and causes uncomfortable pressure and pain. Common reasons for leg edemas can be obesity, smoking, hormone therapy, pregnancy and eventually diabetes or hypertension. The occurance is also effected by sedentary job or vice versa by long standing. The only recommended prevention is physical activity as often as it is possible. The best are cycling, dancing and swimming along with other important conditions such as sufficient water intake, healthy diet, beware of obesity and wearing high-heeled shoes. Effective help are also many types of massages.

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New www presentation


New www presentation

We have created for you a new Web presentation of our company. The presentation was created in cooperation with webdesign and marketing company eBRÁNA s.r.o.

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