Lymphoedema is another type of edema that is caused by the malfunction of the lymphatic system. It is a longterm illness which is progressive in the majority of cases and prohibits the patient from doing a number of everyday actions. When such a type of lymphoedema is not treated it eventually leads to the severe impairment of movement or even absolute immobility.
Lymphoedemas are divided into two groups: primary and secondary. Primary lymphoedema is an inherited disease which can occur from generation-to-generation or can skip some generations. It can also be non-hereditary, in which case only the individual afflicted with it is affected and it isn´t passed on to his or her offspring.
Secondary lymphoedema occurs in most cases following difficult sugreries connected with the lymphatic system. The occurence of lymphoedema is fairly frequent in the general population, with statistics pointing to an average of 40 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants annually. Lymphoedemas attack people who have undergone cancer treatment or various infections and injuries.
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New www presentation

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