More information about luxury collection RELAX

Luxury collection of support stocking with emphasis on manufacturing quality and durablity of therapeutic compression is inspired by latest fashion trends comming from France.

Be suggestive with our newest collection!

Support stockings delivering graduated compression have proven gradual compression descent going from the ankles upwards. The compression exerted supports blood circulation in the legs and therefore successfully alleviates pain and suppresses the occurrence of swellings. The product contains quanternary ingredients containing cosmetically active substances for textile fibers.

Special system of controlled release of active substances

  • Enebles the anchoring of various cosmetically active substances on a bavric fiber,
  • secures the slow and consistent release of active substances into the skin from the fabric.

Quaternary ingredients in MAXIS RELAX:

  1. Quaternary additive containing the cosmetically active ingredient LIPOREDUCTYL (Caffeine, Ruscus Aculeatus, TEA-hydroiodide, Hedera helix, Carnitine, ESCIN, 6HK)


    • Prenents the occurrence of cellulite: prevents fat deposition in fat cells,
    • imporves microcirculation, reduces capillary permaeability, reduces, swellings, 
    • GHK peptide acts as an effective trap for deteriorative substances generated during lipid peroxidation.

    This cellular activity is transformed into a visible effect.


    • Improves skin appearance,
    • improves skin hydration and elasticity,
    • reduces thigh and buttock circumference,
    • reduces fatty tissue,
    • reduces water amount in intercellular fields: has draining effects.
  2. Quaternary additive to improve microcirculation - contains formulation of cosmetically active substances, Ruscus Aculeatus + Hedera Helix + Escin helping to fight "heavy leg" symptoms and supporting skin tissue microcirculation.

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New www presentation


New www presentation

We have created for you a new Web presentation of our company. The presentation was created in cooperation with webdesign and marketing company eBRÁNA s.r.o.

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