Varicose Veins

What are varicose veins and how they occure? We now try to answer you.

Varicose veins are the most common vascular disease, which is typical civilization disease mainly affecting people from developed countries. Today, in European countries suffer from varicose veins nearly 40% women and 20% men. If we want to understand the causes of varicose veins and the possibilities of their prevention or treatment, we have to describe at the first the blood circulation to the limbs and then back to the heart. The heart pumps blood, which is distributed by arteries throughout the body. Of course including the lower limbs.The arteries branch many times into the network of capillaries in tissues. Where there is an exchange nutrients and oxygen for carbon dioxide and waste products. Oxygen-depleted blood is collected by another capillaries which are merge into ever larger and larger veins and returned the blood back to the heart. The blood from the lower limbs toward the lungs to oxygenate is displaced mainly by the heart activity in regular pulses. Then there is also movement of the muscles during walking or another physical activity and movement of the diaphragm during breathing. But why the blood rises upwards and not falls back? Most veins have one-way flaps called venous valves that prevent blood from flowing back and cumulation in the lower limbs due to the effects of gravity. Between pulses valves create such pockets that will not let the blood return back.Varicose vein arising when one or more valves fails to function correctly, some blood is able to flow back down into the leg - in the wrong direction - and tends to overfill and distend vein wall. This caused insufficient circulation of the blood and then painful swellings.

If you suffered from varicose veins, the company MAXIS recommends you use the medical compressive stockings. Wide range of MAXIS and medi compressive stockings you can find hereWe recommend you using the supporting compressive stockings RELAX as the best prevention against to the varicose veins.

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